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Legislative News // Political Action

Legislative News

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Political/Legislative Department
Rich Michalski, Director

Under the leadership of our International President, R. Thomas Buffenbarger, the Political/Legislative Department has set goals in order that we are prepared to advance economic opportunities for the benefit of our members. President Buffenbarger is committed to providing the resources which will ensure that IAM stays in the forefront of political and legislative action as we move into the new millennium.

The IAM is constantly asking members of Congress what kind of new and innovative approaches to job creation and job retention are they taking, in order that our members and the companies they work for do not become vulnerable to international competition caused by a global economy. 

While the primary functions of the Political and Legislative Department include the promotion of workers rights, job security, job creation, training and political education through work with the Executive and Legislative Branches of the federal government, the Department must continually be prepared to confront the attacks presented to us by the Right Wing Radicals of Congress. 

The agenda these Right Wing Radicals have promoted has brought a battery of assaults to the overall economic security of the working men and women of our country. There are those in Congress who are content in promoting the following agenda, an agenda that only serves the best interest of corporate money mongers and multi-nationals and not working families. 

  • Weakened OSHA Standards through attempted budgets cuts which would affect oversight and compliance. 
  • The Team Act - Nothing more than a move by the Right Wing and Corporate America to avoid Unions and their representatives and revert back to company unions. 
  • Service Contract Act - Attempts are currently being made to weaken the Act by allowing federal contractors to subcontract work they bid on and avoid paying prevailing wages. 
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act is under assault by a bill the Right Wing has been trying to push called "Comp Time". If Comp Time were to be passed it would drastically undermine the 40 hour work week and paying a "premium" for overtime. 

Thanks to the grassroots efforts of our State Councils, District and Local Lodges and the overall solidarity of the labor movement, these types of issues have been beaten back. However, it is also these types of issues that prevent us from being proactive on our own legislative agenda. 

The Legislative Department will continue to work with all the levels and branches of government to develop sound economic policies to rebuild our nations once strong industrial base--policies that will provide high wage jobs with good benefits, job security, jobs with dignity and ultimately the economic security and well being of the men, women and families of this great nation. 

Political Action

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The Political / Legislative Department of the IAM

The United States Senate  This site includes links to Senators' offices and also includes bills, calendars, notices of committee hearings, and a daily digest of Senate action (usually with a one day delay)

U.S. House of Representatives This site includes Member Offices, schedule of hearings, "real time" reports on floor action, a schedule for the week and other current information.

Congress.org This site has been updated for the 105th Congress. It includes a page for each U.S. Senator and Congressman. All committee assignments are listed as well. The site provides a guide for contacting your Senator or Congressman and an e-mail form for doing so.

THOMAS Full text of legislation, all versions of House & Senate bills are searchable by keywords or by number. Full text of the Congressional Record from 1994. This site has links to other useful government information and historical documents.

Political Action by State

Iowa General Assembly Includes legislation sponsored, contact information, committee assignment, photo, and e-mail address

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